Second Resource

Where does outer space begin?

My second resource is an article from In this article it doesn’t speak of inner space, but more about outer space. However it does still help me think on the topic of inner space, and no I’m not speaking of the movie.

This article speaks about EXACTLY WHERE space begin. One of the ideas about where they think space begins is where you are no longer able to breath air, or 13 million miles above earth, or even 100 kilometers above you. We could put a name on exactly where outer space begins, if we wanted to, but I think that it doesn’t start above earth. To me I think we are all I’m space right now. I think this because of inner space. To something in a atom(if there are in fact living things in something smaller than an atom) we are their outer space. Just like to us outer space is our, well, outer space.

To be honest I don’t know where inner space beings, and maybe there is no beginning, just like there is no end to outer space. We may never know where inner space/ outer space begins if it even has one. We may never know where/ if it ends. But we can always try to get our minds around the fact that they don’t end. I don’t believe that they do. People say that things must always end, but I know better.

The article may  not have a whole lot with giving me facts about inner space and what is really is, but it really made me think about the connection of inner/ outer space. We do want to explore space, but I don’t know if we  need to put a name on where it starts because we might be in it right now, still able to breath, and on the ground. Space is above, below, and around us. Or at least in my opinion.


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